Instant Business Success

With Cash Earnings From Day One

Investment Required

Money: Less than £100

Time: 5 Hours Per Week

 Ticket Front    Ticket Back


  The Business Opportunity:

  • You buy tickets at the trade price of £1.75 each and make sales at the retail price of £3.50. We show you how this can be easily done in the business operation manual.

  • Start by buying just one book of tickets costing £87.50. You will receive 50 tickets worth £175, one ID hanging on a printed Cancer Comp lanyard and the business operation manual. 

  • Your 1st 50 tickets will make you a profit of £87.50. Many operators can sell a book of 50 tickets in around 4-5 hours, that's earnings of around £17.50 - £20 per hour.

  • That is real cash earnings from day one of your business.

  • We know at first thought £87.50 doesn't seem a lot of money, but even if you settled at this initial level, of simply committing 5 hours each week to your part time business. That would make you an extra £87.50 every week. This can actually really make a difference. £87.50 a week adds up to over £4,000 a year. This can finance a new car, or pay for a couple of nice holidays, maybe a cruise for you and your partner, a good Christmas, and a new wardrobe of clothes. It's up to you what to spend your EXTRA income on.

  • For the more ambitious entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to build a full time business with teams of sales people, working perhaps door to door in hi-viz waistcoats, or dressed in fancy dress making ticket sales in town centres and tourist areas. Again we show you how in the business operation manual.  Register now for free 


    At the start, we ask you to dedicate and commit to your business,

    at least 5 hours each week.

    That way we know you will be successful

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     Cancer Comp tickets are price marked to sell at £3.50

    You pay per ticket



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Fancy dress is best for sales. Second best is a Hi-Viz waistcoat which turns any clothing into a uniform.

Learn all about this in the Business operation manual.


  Business highlights

  • Cancer Comp takes responsibility for all the cash prizes, including the £25,000 jackpot.

  • Cancer Comp donates all its profits to charities in the areas the tickets are sold

  • There is no requirement for Sim Len affiliate business operators to donate any of their profits.

  • The Cancer Comp business, its structure, T & C’s, privacy policy and competition ticket design, were all either created by, or in consultation with, Lawyers that specialise in all the concerned areas of Law. Including Gaming Law and Charity Law as well as several other general areas of Law.

    You can read the Cancer Comp certificate of legal compliance provided by the lawyers


 Business Opportunity number 2:

  • Recruit and manage sub-affiliates. We show you how this can be easily done for free in the business operation manual.

  • As a registered affiliate you will have the opportunity to build a network of sub-affiliates. We pay you a commission on all your network's sales, down 4 levels. You will be able to keep track of all your sub-affiliate's sales and the commission their sales have earned you by logging in to your Personal, Private Affiliate Area

  • Recruiting just 5 sub-affiliates into your first line and each sub-affiliate doing the same, will give you a network group looking like this:

level 1 - 5  affiliates,  level 2 - 25  affiliates,  level 3 - 125  affiliates, 

level 4 - 625  affiliates,   

A total of 780 affiliates in your network

The beauty of this trading system is that you have recruited only five affiliates to start your network.
They then build the rest for you. 

A network described above will make you the originator, commission income of around

£6,000 per month

And consider this: 

You are not limited to 5 sub-affiliates in your level 1.

There is no limit to the number of sub-affiliates you can recruit

Whats more, we acknowledge and reward achievement 




Affiliates who maintain their Diamond status for 6 months

  receive a surprise award every month. This could be:



Or One Of Many More


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 Register now for free


 Promoter of the business system is SimLen a trading name of Sibee Ltd